We offer three different services to aid in different aspects of Asset Management.


Business Dynamics Modelling

"Our simulations enable you to make well-founded decisions."

We use business dynamics modelling – a simulation method – to analyze complex and dynamic business problems such as:

  • capital investment decisions                     

What is the expected value of ...? What parameters determine the success of an investment?

  • operations & maintenance decisions

For which assets is condition monitoring valuable? Is monitoring preferred over another solution, such as a modification?

  • resourcing strategies

What is the best strategy for ramp-ups? What is the optimal capacity in order to deal with uncertainty within a system?

With this method, we aim to create insight into the problem’s complexity and enable well-founded decision-making. We use the modern modelling application Sysdea to model a system and conduct analyses. An example of a model can be found here.

Modelling in Sysdea® is based upon Stocks (something that accumulates, such as money in a bank account, trees in a forest) and Flows (the forces that cause such Stocks to accumulate and deplete). With just these two concepts and supportive Variables to allow intermediate calculations, you get great expressive power.

Each time you make a change the model instantly updates, having such quick feedback allows you to rapidly build models with confidence. There's no worries about cell references and copying formulae as in a spreadsheet, and charts attached to everything allow easy at-a-glance inspection of behaviour.

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Maintenance & Safety Assessments

"Surveys & Assessments identify opportunities for improvement."

As practice-oriented researchers, we can aid with developing surveys and conducting assessments. For example, we have developed:

  • CBM Maturity Assessment

  • Process Safety Scan

CBM Maturity Assessment

Together with Tata Steel and BP, we have developed the Condition-Based Maintenance (CBM) Maturity Assessment instrument and procedure. The purpose of the assessment is to create an understanding of what is needed to successfully employ CBM on a larger scale, to identify how the organization is currently performing on each of these elements and to derive input for an improvement plan.

Process Safety Scan

Another safety audit? No, we have developed a Process Safety Scan which aims to increase process safety awareness and enables the possibility to develop a plan for increasing process safety together with Operations and Maintenance. In contrast with existing audits, the bottom-up approach of the scan readily generates awareness upon completion. Whereas an audit provides the trigger to change, our Process Safety Scan enables a team or plant to identify where to start. Operations and Maintenance teams are confronted with statements concerning the different aspects of process safety. Their ratings, based on the Hearts & Minds method, provide an insight in the threats and opportunities impacting process safety. Conducting the scan on a yearly basis aids in tracking the progress.



"Our workshops help you getting started."

We like teaching small groups. Are you looking for a tailored workshop or one of the workshops listed below, contact us!

We provide:

  • CBM awareness workshops

  • Business case calculation workshops

  • Business model development workshops for smart services