1. Introduction

In this privacy statement we explain how your data is collected and what the purpose is of the data that is collected by us. We also provide you with a summary of your rights and our obligations to secure your data and to prevent it from potential abuse.

2. About Asset Health Dynamics

Asset Health Dynamics B.V. is a small consultancy company that aids organisations in the transition to Smart Asset Management. We collect personal data in order to make (recurring) contact more straightforward. If you have any questions regarding the collection of your personal data, please contact us via:

3. Goal of gathering data

We have two motives for gathering data. These are elaborated upon below.

  • Contacting you

Your data is received and stored once you fill in the inquiry form on the home page of our website. This form requires you to fill in your name, the subject and your email address, which enables us to contact you in the near future.

  • Analytics

We use Google Analytics to improve our website. Our website saves some of your browsing behaviour such as what type of device you have used to visit our website, the time you have spent on our website, the pages that are visited and the location from which you have visited our website. The data is completely anonymous, which ensures that your identity remains undisclosed.

4. Recipients of personal data

The data obtained by us is gathered and processed by:

  • Indicia

Our email is hosted by Indicia. If you fill in our inquiry form or send us an email, your data is stored at Indicia's servers.

  • WIX

Our website is hosted by WIX. Data that you leave on our website is stored at Wix' servers. 

5. Data storage duration

Your personal data is stored for a longer period of time. 

  • Contacting us

After contacting us through our inquiry form or regular email, the personal data you include is saved on Indicia's mailserver for a maximum of two years.

  • Google Analytics

The data which is collected by Google Analytics remains anonymous, which means that it can not be connected to your name, company or email address. The data is stored for an indefinite period of time.

6. Security

We do not generate any physical copies of personal data. All personal data is stored in the previously mentioned systems. Personal data stored by Asset Health Dynamics or any of the previously mentioned third parties is only accessible through dedicated software which requires at least a password. In addition, our website is secured with an SSL-certificate, which ensures that your connection to our site is private. This certificate can be identified through the green padlock visible in the address bar. 

7. Rights

1. Access

You have the right to gain access to your personal data. You can always ask us to provide you with an overview of the current personal data we have of you.

2. Rectification

You have the right to have your personal data rectified. If the personal data we posess is invalid or has changed you can let it be rectified by us by sending us an email.

3. Removal of data

You have the right to have any personal data we have kept of you be removed.

4. Complaints

You have the right to file an official complaint if you think Asset Health Dynamics does not treat your personal data in the right way through this link.

5. Stopping data usage

You can file a request with us to stop using any personal data we have ever collected of you.


For exercising these right or more information on our privacy statement, contact us at:

8. Obligations

Your personal data will never be sold to third parties. The personal data you have to provide us with is the data we require to respond to or contact you. Asset Health Dynamics can exercise its right to disclose personal data when this is legally obliged or when we feel that it is justified to comply with a legal request or to protect the ownership or safety of Asset Health Dynamics. We always try to bear your right to privacy in mind.